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Toledo Emerges from Ypsi with a 52-47 Win

Five of my Hustle Belt Comrades who participate in the MAC Pick-Em thought Toledo would have the highest amount of points of the conference. I bet none of them thought the Rockets would need every one of those points, 52-47 the final from Rynearson Stadium.

After 55 points scored in the 3rd quarter, anything in the 4th would have been a letdown. But after trading field goals, Eastern made things interesting on drive that was extended thanks to two Rockets penalties: a roughing the passer that tacked 10 yards onto a 24 yard pass from Tyler Benz to Dustin Creel, and then a helmet-to-helmet call on an incomplete pass to Quincy Jones gave Eastern 1st and 10 on Toledo's 13, and Bronson Hill punched in his billionth TD on the day (before today, Hill had 7 carries for 80 yards and 1 TD on the year.)

EMU attempted an onside kick, which Toledo recovered, but could not run out the clock, and the Eagles had one last chance with 17 seconds to try and make up the 5 point deficit. Benz was able to move the ball up on a check down pass to Hill for 8 yards, but the last-second Hail Mary would hit the turf.

These stats are going to need some time to blossom, but needless to say, records were set. Stay tuned.