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Kent Read, Kent Write, Kent...Lose?

I am from Akron, therefore there is not an athletic program I dislike more than Kent State's.

However, even I must admit that this KSU football team is really, really good.

"It’s all about preparation. Our guys have done an unbelievable job coming to work every single day and being mature about it and understanding that the only way to get that next win is by preparing," Said second year head coach Darrell Hazell after his team's 31-17 victory over Army Saturday afternoon. "I think the message is getting across..."

During the spring, I wrote this.

In his second year as head coach of the Golden Flashes, Darrell Hazell quietly has his program to the point where it will be realistically competing for its best season in program history

To be honest, if I knew at the time that the 1973 Kent State went 9-2, I probably would not have wrote that. But I didn't, so I did, and I was right.

This Kent State football team has a chance. It will already likely compete in its programs first bowl game in 40 years. But even beyond that, this Kent State team will battle throughout the remaining season, and it will challenge OHIO for the Mid-American Conference East Division Championship.

Write it down (if you can).

The last time the program had a player like Dri Archer, number nine was the signal caller. Josh Cribbs brought excitement to Dix Stadium, and for that (and I am sure his success at the next level) his number was retired in 2010.

But Archer has done something that Cribbs could not, and has not, done.

Cough Cough, WIN, Cough.

That's unfair, as Archer has a better supporting cast than what Cribbs had (and maybe has...), but it is still the truth. And though it may feel like a low blow, it's a good thing for Kent State faithful. Winning is fun. Watching Kent State football is fun.

The football Gods always seemingly come through. This year is no different. Kent State will host OHIO on November 23rd, the last game of the season for both squads. There is a good chance that game will be for the East crown.

Of course, before that happens, the teams have to go through their remaining schedules.

Of course, before that happens, both teams must face their rivals in games where anything can happen.

Of course, before that happens, OHIO should try to beat a MAC opponent by more than seven points.

People like feel good stories. Kent State is one of them. the seniors on the team went 5-7 their freshman year. Those that were red-shirted saw the team go 4-8 the year before that.

The program has slowly been on the rise for a few years now, but I doubt anyone would have thought they would be this good this year.

Well, besides me.

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