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MAC Pick'em Week 7 Results

Another week in the Pick'em is over. See how everyone did.

If there was ever a week I wish I could do a post drunk, it would be this one. I HAD ALL YOU MO-FO'S AND WMU GAVE IT AWAY!!!!!!!!! *ahem* sorry. Anger. Basically, I was the only one that picked WMU to beat Ball St. Given that WMU dropped the put-away TD in the endzone then missed the "go up by one TD" FG and had to make a 52-yarder to tie the game, I was sorta right. But, they choked, and you all won. Fives.

That was a 4-point game. I'm now pretty much out of the Pick'em, and now for awards.

Marshall Perfection Award: td3
1995 Toledo Award: TheRealOhio (went perfect but didn't detail his picks)

UMass Award: NE_Redhawk
Akron Award: Brown and Gold (SO CLOSE TO THE MARSHALL AWARD REPEAT!!!!!!)

I'm going to wrap this up and go smash things.

Full breakdown.............




td3 16 91
ChippewaBlue 15 101
Josh G 15 96
bull_trojan 15 89
Matt Sussman 15 83
numbersdontlie 15 69
Brandon Hickey 14 94
TheRealOhio 14 87
OHBCats 13 93
Brown and Gold 12 91
NE_Redhawk 12 12