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The Hustle Belt BlogPoll Top 25 for Week 7

Our BlogPoll voter jumps off the West Virginia bandwagon while also wondering if it's time to dismiss Ohio from his ballot.

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I've been on the West Virginia bandwagon for most of the season, ranking them higher than most BlogPoll voters as they were No. 3 on my ballot last week. And then the Texas Tech disaster happened. C'est la vie, Mountaineers.

No. 1 Alabama and No. 2 Oregon maintain their spots at the tops while other teams move up and down and stuff. More explanations below.

Some thoughts:

- I didn't want to remove Louisiana Tech from my poll but I had to make room for Texas Tech after it curb-stomped West Virginia. Probably could've slid Texas out but I'll give the Longhorns one more week there.

- The TCU drop was perhaps correcting what should've happened a week ago after starting quarterback Casey Pachall left the school. Yeah i know they blew out Baylor, but I chose to move up some other teams after impressive wins.

- Alabama and Oregon have been my No. 1 and 2 teams all season long, and nothing has happened yet to make me waver and change my vote.

- I have Oklahoma much lower on the list than most voters - that loss to Kansas State still leaves a bitter taste in my mouth, even if the Wildcats have proven themselves time and time again.

- My thoughts on Notre Dame from last week still stand. I'm not sure they'd beat the teams ranked 6-14 but the Irish continue to keep beating teams still in the top-25 but ranked below that tier (Stanford, Michigan). A couple of their wins, especially Michigan State, aren't nearly as impressive as people thought at the time. I don't think they'll beat USC or Oklahoma (I'd be very worried about the Sooners if I was an Irish fan).

- Ohio, why most you test me? I moved them up a spot to 20th, but you can easily make a case that they don't deserve to be in the top 25 at all.

Share your thoughts below.