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Somebody Drew Some Racist Garbage Outside Louis Orr's House

This is a gentle reminder not to be a racist douchebag.

Rick Osentoski-US PRESSWIRE

I'm not entirely sure why somebody would do this in the year 2012, but they did, and they're pretty stupid and disgusting. Bowling Green head basketball coach Louis Orr most likely facepalmed over this act of racist vandalism. Per the Toledo Blade:

According to police reports, vandals wrote "white power" and drew a swastika in chalk in front of Mr. Orr's Pine Valley Drive home ...

I just have no idea.

Orr declined to comment, which is the right thing to do, because it warrants little more discussion beyond a shake of the head and hope that some people will hopefully learn, or — wishful thinking — they catch and arrest these lowlifes.

(h/t @laplanck)