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Report: Teenage boy confesses to involvement in Orr's racist graffiti

The Blade has a follow-up on the racist junk scribbled on Louis Orr's driveway (along with a picture of the etchings). According to Bowling Green city police, a boy admitted to being part of the incident and that they were just having fun.

This part's strange, though:

The juvenile told police it was a "prank," and that one of their classmates -- who they consider to be a friend -- lives at that house.

But who else is living in Orr's house? His coaching bio indicates he has a son, daughter and goddaughter, all of whom are too old to be considered their classmates.

If they had the wrong house, that would at least rule out Orr (or anyone) being the target of a hate crime, but that obviously doesn't make it harmless fun. Hopefully these kids face the consequences and then grow up.