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MAC Pick'em Week 8

A busy week for me equals a late start for you.

The Pick'em is back, albeit late
The Pick'em is back, albeit late

Sorry for the delay. Had a very busy week, and couldn't get this in. Nevertheless, here we are with just enough time to spare. Here is the link to the form. This week will be a 1-point week.

BGSU @ UMass - UMass got their week off last weekend, but I still don't think they'll help much here. Bowling Green easily.

NIU @ Akron - Another possible blow-out. I think NIU could possibly win the MAC this year even after graduating Harnish. That's saying something to Dave Doreen.

Army @ Eastern Michigan - Outside of the outlier that was the Toledo game, Eastern Michigan has been awful. Army can run the ball, and I fully expect them to pound it repeatedly against EMU.

Pittsburgh @ Buffalo - Similar situation to the previous game: teams with not a lot of success meeting in a game that the non-MAC team should win. Pitt did lose to Youngstown St, but they've also lost to two teams in the Big East that are undefeated. I think they are better than their record and blow the Bulls out.

Ball State @ Central Michigan - The directional Michigan teams will finish 4-5-6 in the MAC West this year. Discussion question for next month: over/under 1.5 coaches fired at the end of the season. Ball State's offense is superb and shut down WMU last weekend in the 2nd half that I have yet to watch. Central Michigan hasn't shown much to say they are better.

WMU @ Kent State - Dri Archer will pace the offense and the Kent State defense will hold the Broncos. A great environment to be expected on Homecoming at Dix Stadium.

Toledo @ #21 Cincinnati - If you're keeping track, the only away team I'm picking to lose this week is my Broncos. Also, I'm going with Toledo if only to get a point back. I think the Rockets can pull this off. They will be hyped up for this game, and Cincy may be looking ahead to a huge match-up against Louisville next week.

High: NIU
Low: UMass