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MAC In The NFL: The Bye Week Hurts

When the Pittsburgh Steelers are on a bye week, no fantasy NFL team made of MAC players has much of a chance.

Elsa - Getty Images

For an explanation on this fantasy league, and why it's cooler than yours, look here.

Long have I forgotten the feeling of being ahead in fantasy football after Sunday's games, then look at Monday night and say, welp, that's it. I didn't specifically watch the Cowboys-Bears game last night but can tell from Brandon Marshall's 19.8 points that it was a good night for him. Marshall went to Central Florida and played in the MAC for a season, but no grandfather clause would save the MAC fantasy NFL team from falling to Conference USA this week.

Then again, the death knell for any fantasy MAC NFL team, of which I only know of one, is this three-word phrase: Steelers bye week.

The MAC didn't have their quarterback, top wide receiver, or kicker to accrue points. The quarterback spot is a flex position so Domenik Hixon did well, but in a desperate gasp I started John Potter just in case he got in on some PAT action. Nope. Michael Turner and Victor Cruz had excellent games, as did Chase Blackburn, who got the Potato Bowl MVPs 17 fantasy points (a season high for a MAC defensive player) but despite outperforming their expectations, C-USA did way too well, especially Roddy White, who got ... 31.4 points? Is that right?

Oh well, moving on, the next week is against ... oh good! The SEC!