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Bulls Beating Themselves Early

Early on, Buffalo is beating themselves in their non-conference tilt against Pitt.


It's a little over one quarter in, and Buffalo is trailing 6-0 against Pitt.

That's the good news. The downside is that it could be worse - a more organized Pitt offense would have capitalized on Buffalo's special teams foolishness and would be up 14-0.

Tyler Grassman's first two punts went for a total of 35 yards, and Brandon Murie's first two kick returns each wound up giving Buffalo worse field position that if he had just taken a knee in the end zone when he caught it.

The offense is starting to wake up early in the second, but decision-making isn't great early on. Buffalo almost hit a big pass over the middle, then immediately screwed up a reverse and lucked into recovering a fumble, then Zordich stared down his reciever on an out route and got picked off. Who knows what might happen next.