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MAC Pick'em Week 8 Results

A wild week in the Pick'em created a huge swing in the points. Check out the award winners for this week.

WOW! I can't believe what I saw when I did the tallying this afternoon (I had a long night of work). ChippewaBlue had a rough week as the first person with 100+ points. Everyone else seemed to catch him, and all of a sudden, the pick'em is back to an open race. Even I'm back in it! Who woulda thunk?

Now for the awards..........

The Week 8 Marshall Perfectionist Award goes to............OHBCats. Welcome back to the show! He was the only perfectionist this weekend, so that's all the "good" awards this week.

The UMass Award (lowest scoring newcomer) goes to..............NE_Redhawk.

The Akron Award (lowest scoring returnee) goes to...............Brandon Hickey. Ouch town.

Here are the full results............




OHBCats 14 107
Brown and Gold 13 104
Josh G 12 108
numbersdontlie 12 81
TheRealOhio 12 99
td3 11 102
bull_trojan 11 100
Matt Sussman 10 93
ChippewaBlue 8 109
zibby 8 76
NE_Redhawk 7 19
Brandon Hickey 6 100

Keep in mind, this next week will be the last week before we have mid-week games. Also, it will be the last week of non-conference games. November will be a huge month it appears.