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Ken Rosenthal Will Wear A Toledo Bow Tie During The World Series

After a Facebook fan vote, the FOX baseball reporter will don the blue and gold fashion statement during Game 3 to help out with prostate cancer research.

There are no ties in baseball. EXCEPT BOW TIES LOL J/K
There are no ties in baseball. EXCEPT BOW TIES LOL J/K
Bow Tie Cause

The diminutive reporter you've noticed in the dugout during postseason games is Mr. Ken Rosenthal, whose affinity for bow ties is being put to good use this postseason: every game he's worn one identifying a special cause. On Facebook the Bow Tie Cause put about fortysomething bow ties up to a vote, and based on the results, the University of Toledo bow tie finished with the third most votes, meaning Rosenthal will wear it during Game 3. That works out, because that game will be played in Detroit on Saturday night.

And it's one you may have seen before: the Toledo bow tie has been worn by the men's basketball coaching staff in each of the last two years during games for the same cause: prostate cancer research.

So to whoever flooded the Facebook like-vote-thingee or however it worked, hats (and ties) off to you. (And let's go, Tigers.)