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MAC Pick'em Week 9 Spreads

Another week and another set of spreads. This will probably be the last week we have a good spread count until I can figure out a nice time to get these out.

This week was VERY boring in the Pick'em. Little-to-no diversion whatsoever.




Ball St @ Army 11-0 Ball St
NIU @ WMU 11-0 NIU
Kent St @ #15 Rutgers 9-2 Rutgers Lone Wolfs: OHBCats & bull_trojan Good luck bud. Also, MAC GOTW
#23 Ohio @ Miami (OH) 10-1 Ohio Lone Wolf: bull_trojan
Toledo @ Buffalo 10-1 Toledo Lone Wolf: bull_trojan again.
Akron @ CMU 7-4 CMU Weird thing: the first 5 on the spreadsheet all have CMU, the next 4 have Akron. This was on the GOTW vote, and got 0/48 votes. LOL
UMass @ Vandy 11-0 *snickers* I'll let you decide who we all picked.

NOTE: bull_trojan took advantage of this to possibly pole vault into the top half by going against the grain.

High Votes: NIU (3), Toledo (3), Ball St (3), Ohio (2)
Low Vote: UMass (7), EMU (3), Miami (1)