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Kent State Upsets Rutgers 35-23, Shakes Off 40 Years Of Frustration

With the defense leading the way with seven turnovers, Kent State earns its biggest win in program history by topping previously-unbeaten Rutgers.

Alex Trautwig

No hyperbole needed here, because it's true: this is the biggest Kent State win in the last 40 years, perhaps even longer. They're 7-1 for the first time since the '80s and they beat unbeaten ranked Rutgers.

For all the talk about Dri Archer, he did some damage but RU contained him well. However the defense took away SEVEN turnovers, six off interceptions. Some of that is on the Scarlet Knights, but this win was mostly on the defense who set up great field position.

This is so freaking cool. Thump your chests, Kent State football. Thump 'em hard. You haven't been able to do this in a while. And you're going to play in a bowl game. I couldn't be happier for a MAC team right now.