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The Hustle Belt BlogPoll Top 25 for Week 9

Three MAC teams - Toledo, Northern Illinois and Kent State - are on our ballot this week. Ohio exits after getting Dysert'ed.

Alex Trautwig

This week's BlogPoll Top 25 is brought to you by the numbers 20, 21 and 24. That's where I have three Mid-American Conference teams ranked in this week's ballot. Geeves and I differ in how we are ranking these three MAC squads and that's all perfectly fine. Everyone's got a different flavor. Toledo comes in at No. 20, Northern Illinois at No. 21 and newcomer Kent State at No. 24. So long, Ohio University, we hardly knew thee. The Bobcats would likely have to win out to get back into the top 25.

More after the poll.

  • Florida only drops one spot after losing to Georgia this week, as I kept them slated ahead of LSU since the Gators beat the Tigers. The Georgia at No. 10 spot is a controversial one, but the Bulldogs got beat soundly (35-7) by South Carolina and, although the Dawgs beat Florida, their schedule so far has been pretty easy all things considered. Much easier than the other three.
  • I had a change of heart with Ohio State. After Oregon State, Oklahoma, USC, Mississippi State and Texas Tech all lost, moving the undefeated Buckeyes ahead of all of them to No. 11 seemed right.
  • Undefeated Louisville at No. 18 seems like the right fit. I don't think the Cardinals would beat any of the 17 teams listed in front of them - and perhaps some of the teams behind them. But undefeated is undefeated.
  • Alabama and Oregon have been my No. 1 and 2 teams, respectively, since the preseason poll, and nothing has happened to where that needs to change.
  • Bust out the welcoming hats to Boise State, Nebraska, Kent State and Louisiana Tech as they all enter my top 25 for this week. I wasn't wavering much on these selections and all could be mainstays if they keep up their current performances.

Share your thoughts below. Any feedback is welcome.