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Ex-BGSU Guard Jess Slagle Is Now A Toledo Grad Assistant

The former heart and soul of the Falcons women's basketball squad has found herself on the sidelines of Toledo's basketball staff.

Rick Osentoski-US PRESSWIRE

This is the weirdest thing. No other way to phrase it. This Toledo Blade story is a three-pronged vignette about three point guards. Naama Shafir, the standout Toledo guard who is recovering from ACL surgery. Cat Wells, a suspended backup.

And ... and ...

Jessica Slagle. A Toledo grad assistant. Jess Slagle, a former Bowling Green point guard. Jess Slagle, heart and soul of the BGSU team last season. Jess Slagle, now enrolled in Toledo's business school. Jess Slagle, possibly either a traitor or double-agent.

All joking aside, Slagle has proven herself to be one of the classiest athletes in MAC history. The accompanying Blade photo of Slagle cheering Shafir along during drills is incredibly weird and pierces deep into my soul and understanding of the world around me. But team loyalty in college sports, as shown by several coaches, is a thing that fervently exists in temporary doses. It's a myth that exists in our minds. I am certain that the BGSU and UT basketball players are amicable to each other off the court, as well they should be, because it's a freakin' game. They're part of a college basketball sisterhood, and that runs deeper than team colors.

But on the court ... jeez, sometime this upcoming season Slagle will be sitting on the sidelines of a Toledo-Bowling Green basketball game trying to help Toledo win the game. The game will be in the Stroh Center. That is bonkers.