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MAC Pick'em Week 9 Results + Week 10

It's time to take a quick look back and reflect on the past weekend before moving ahead to this week's games

Woah, it's Tuesday! I had a busy weekend and am just now getting to this. Therefore, our 2-for-1 bundle is perfect.

Last week's results will be without awards. Basically, your winner won via tiebreaker (low team) and possibly could be called for shenanigans by submitting a post after I had already done the spreads. Oh well, it's literally two points over the rest of the pack so I'll allow it..................bull_trojan. Congrats, you get a pumpkin. You have to buy it though, and pick it up, so it's on you buddy.




bull_trojan 15
OHBCats 15
numbersdontlie 13
Brown and Gold 13
ChippewaBlue 13
Josh G 13
Matt Sussman 13
Brandon Hickey 11
td3 11
NE_Redhawk 8
The Real Ohio 8

Hickey repeats as the Akron Award winner, heh heh.

On to this week's games! Linky linky to the form

HOLY CRAP ONLY FIVE GAMES?!?!?!? Wow, this is going to be an intense week. Game of the week picks are pretty slim this week as well, therefore, unless you jokers can bump WMU-CMU off the board (10 vote handicap), that is the game. 2 points for detailed picks as well.


EMU @ Ohio - Ohio has looked very vulnerable lately, as showed by their loss to Miami. Still, they are playing Eastern Michigan and will be angry and wanting to still make it back to the MACC.


Miami @ Buffalo - Not sure if the hurricane is affecting UB at all, but I still like Miami to win this one as UB hasn't looked good outside of Toledo and Morgan State.

Western Michigan @ "That team up North" - It's hate week. Seriously, if you don't vote this the unanimous GOTW, I'll doubt you guys. Only Akron/Kent St could hold somewhat of a flame here. Look what's on the line: Dan Enos'/Bill Cubit's job (probably), any chance to make it to .500 or a bowl game, the Victory Cannon, pride, etc. I mean, c'mon!

As for the game itself, Alex Carder will again be out, and probably will end his career having broke his finger in the 4th game of his senior year hitting his hand on his lineman's helmet. TVT has looked better lately, and the Bronco rushing game is helping out. Zurlon Tipton will carry the load for Central against a fairly stout (at times) Bronco defense and I truly believe this game rests on Ryan Radcliff's shoulders. If he can play well, Central wins.

Luckily that's a big if, and Western takes this one for the first time in 10 years in Mt. Unpleasant.

Akron @ Kent State - LOL. If Kent State doesn't get trapped here, they should be fine. The drive to the MAC East Title though truly begins next weekend.

UMass @ NIU - *snickers* Do you really have to say anything here? NIU by a billion.

High: NIU (not a billion but I'm thinking 50's or 60's here)
Low: UMass