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Ken Pomeroy's MAC Preseason Rankings Don't Like Kent State

Compared to the human polls, Kent State is a couple spots below the human preseason poll, and the computers are also not a fan of Eastern Michigan.

Kent State basketball coach Rob Senderoff
Kent State basketball coach Rob Senderoff
Rick Osentoski-US PRESSWIRE

Ken Pomeroy always has some cool computer rankings, which by his own admission has advantages and disadvantages over human rankings. Which makes them fun. Heck, none of us know anything at this point. But here's how he rated the MAC teams in his big bulky Division I rankings, which go from 1 to 347:

56: Ohio
63: Akron
126: Buffalo
166: Bowling Green
174: Kent State
183: Toledo
239: Ball State
241: Miami (OH)
242: Western Michigan
291: Eastern Michigan
298: Northern Illinois
322: Central Michigan

Again, this is similar to the human MAC preseason poll. The interesting here is Kent State was played slightly below BG and way below Buffalo. Once you get into the 200 you start to split hairs, although one of the blind spots Pomeroy admits in his rankings he doesn't factor in transfers, with the exception of top 100 players. That could move EMU up a bit.

KenPom also likes EMU's defensive efficiency (6th in the MAC) but not their offense (11th), so if they can score ... watch out.

The truth probably lies somewhere between humans and computers. A metaphorical half-man half-computer hybrid, hellbent on destroying the planet with logic, emotion, correct sports predictions and fire lasers. May God help us all.