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WMU-UMass At The Half: All WMU In Kalamazoo

The Broncos have used some trick plays to help take a lead over the UMass Minuetmen at the half. Using a "Drilled Kick" onside kick and a double reverse run (that somehow wasn't a TD) to take a 28-7 lead.

After a slow 1st quarter that saw just 1 TD and 1 pass to a WMU wide-receiver (which was the last play of the quarter), the Broncos exploded for 3 TDs.

Flenard Whitfield, former WMU basketball player, had a pass go off his hand into the hands of Darren Thellen, who returned it 38 yds to the WMU 34, where UMass scored their only TD of the half on a Michael Cox 1 yd TD rush.

TVT has used his running backs well. He has completed just 5 passes to his WRs and TEs, and is 11-14 for 160 yds, 3 TDs, and 1 INT. He has been throwing mostly screens and swing passes, but they have been working well. His leading receiver is "power back" Antoin Scriven, who has 3 catches for 39 yds and 2 rushes for 11 yds and a TD.

Mike Wegzyn has been alright so far. He is 10-14 for just 72 yds, but has been sacked 4 times. His rush offense hasn't been much help, with 21 carries for 24 yards. That's 96 total yards if you are counting.

It looks like it is about to rain though in the 2nd half, so prepare for a slugfest to ensue if WMU is forced to go to a run game.