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Akron Leads Bowling Green 10-0 At Half

I've been watching this one from the kickoff and ... well, I hate life a bit more than I did previously. A day ago I was pining for a possible 40-point shootout, but either the wind is playing tricks on everybody or Matt Schilz thinks all his receivers are 20-feet tall.

Akron's scoring consisted of Dalton Williams passing to Tyrell Goodman, who made a great catch despite being sandwiched by two safeties. Robert Stein legged a career-high 46-yard field goal as the first half expired.

Matt Schilz is just 10-for-26 with 84 yards and a bad interception. Penalties have been abysmal in this game, with both teams committing a combined 13 for 97 yards, evenly split.

Hopefully the second half is prettier.