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Ball State Leads NIU 16-14 in Bronze Stalk Bonanza

This is sorta the Ball State game I had envisioned, somewhat. They're scoring enough, with a touchdown and three field goals, then getting pressure on Jordan Lynch, who they sacked twice.

Keith Wenning has passed for 200 yards in the first half, including a TD and interception. A Jahwan Edwards fumble is the other turnover on a crucial third down play, which may be one of the big reasons this one's any close. BSU could be up bigger. Jamill Smith leads the team with nine catches for 94 yards. The Bronze Stalk could be theirs if they can hold on.

When Lynch wasn't on his back, he's been pretty decent: 12-for-17, 107 yards, and 12 rushes for 61 yards and a touchdown. Leighton Settle has the other TD.