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WMU Defeats UMass Soundly 52-14

The 3rd quarter was pretty much the swan song for the Broncos. After scoring on a 16 play-99 yd-7:30+ drive, the Broncos had a 49-0 lead and that was pretty much it.

I'm getting ready for the WMU hockey game, so I'll keep it short.

  • TVT had 5 incompletions, 1 being an INT, but 5 TDs for 289 yards. They kept the offense simple for him by pounding the run game and running screens and swings mostly.
  • 11 different Broncos caught a pass
  • UMass had a TD run on a read option play called back due to an inadvertent whistle in the 3rd. Game was out of reach though.
  • Overall, the Broncos just dominated and UMass looked flat.
Now its time for hockey however for me. Up next for both teams? WMU travels to Ball State in a big match-up between two schools trying to make their ways to bowls while being inconsistent. UMass has the week off next week before hosting a decent BGSU team.

Since both schools have hockey, I can say this............Hockey Up!