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MAC Pick'em Week 6 Results

We have some perfect weeks people!

OK, so I'm going to try and hand out some awards this week. This is new, so let me know what you think.

This week we had 2 perfect weeks, but only 2 out of 12 people got either the high or low right. 1 of the perfectors got the high right, and therefore is the winner. Your Week 6 Marshall Perfection Award winner is.................Brown and Gold. I'm going to call this the "How BnG Got His Groove Back" Award, heh heh.

The other perfectionist this week gets the 1995 Toledo Rockets Award. They were the last team to go undefeated, but tied a game. The winner is..................ChippewaBlue.

Both perfectionists received 18 points.

The UMass Award which goes to the newcomer with the lowest score of the week goes to..............td3. On a related note: rob.kull needs to contact me because we had an entry without a name this week and he was the only regular that didn't register a score. (The entry only scored 9 points).

And lastly, the Akron Award, which goes to the returning picker that scored the fewest points this week. bull_trojan, step up and take your prize!

Full results.................




Brown and Gold 18 79
ChippewaBlue 18 86
Josh G 16 81
OHBCats 16 80
zibby 15 68
Matt Sussman 15 68
Brandon Hickey 14 80
numbersdontlie 14 54
TheRealOhio 13 73
td3 12 75
bull_trojan 12 74