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Brad Bates Resigns As Miami (OH) Athletic Director

After 10 years in charge of RedHawks athletics, Bates leaves Oxford to become the athletic director at Boston College.

Elsa - Getty Images

This had to happen sometime, as it was rumored he'd go somewhere eventually. Brad Bates is leaving Miami to become the new athletic director of Boston College, replacing Gene DeFilippo.

People threw Bates' name out there when openings at Illinois and Michigan opened up, but Bates is an excellent fit at BC, given that he's headed up a successful hockey program, and what better hockey program to oversee than a perennial national championship contender. In Oxford he's helped build some nice foundations with the football and basketball programs, along with the non-revenue ones. And Miami is touting how he improved facilities and grades, but to me nothing else compares to the hockey team, and he can hang his hat on that.

We'll get more into what Bates meant to Miami, as well as who's going to replace him, but for now, Boston College got a good one. Maybe this means Boston College will get a synchronized skating program?