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Kent State is 9-1. Kent State is 9-1. KENT STATE IS 9-1

The more I type it, the more sense it might make.

Nope. Kent State is 9-1 after topping Miami 48-32.

Miami narrowed the lead somewhat in the second half but it was a comfortable finish for the visitors. Dri Archer got his third touchdown of the game, this time as a receiver, and Freddy Cortez drilled two field goals with a long of 48 yards.

Needing to play catch-up all game, Zac Dysert finished above the 400-yard mark and stopped throwing interceptions. Andy Cruse caught two touchdowns in the second half and Dawan Scott hauled one in late in the game but there was never a realistic chance to rally and win the game.

Kent State. Bowling Green. Next Saturday. You may want to tune into that one.