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Buffalo has a winning streak!

With a 29-24 win over Western Michigan, the Bulls have won two games in a row! I know! The last time they did that was ... the end of the 2009 season. (Yikes.)

But Buffalo is a tough team, and we've said this all week. They don't close games entirely well but they might've been the best damn 2-7 team in the land. Now they're one of the better 3-7 teams out there, thanks to Joe Licata, who got the start over Alex Zordich, and a good game out of Devin Campbell, who ran for over 100 yards.

Alex Carder returned for the Broncos, but the rust showed as he threw four interceptions, including one on the first play of their last drive. Cortney Lester corralled in three interceptions on the day.

Again: DON'T SLEEP ON BUFFALO. Also Western Michigan can't go to a bowl game as they are now 4-7 on the year.