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MAC Pick'em Week 11 Recap + Week 12 Time

The home stretch is officially here. With just 16-20 games remaining, who can pull away and win this thing?

What a week!!! BGSU pulled an "upset". Ball State actually pulled an upset. And WMU tanked again with Alex Carder.

bull_trojan won this week, but the bigger story may be the shake-ups with the standings. Remember when ChippewaBlue was dominating? Well, here are the new standings............




Josh G 9 144
OHBCats 7 143
Brown and Gold 11 140
ChippewaBlue 7 137
bull_trojan 13 136
td3 7 134
Brandon Hickey 4 127
TheRealOhio 4 121
Matt Sussman 0 120
numbersdontlie 7 115
TruFire 11 25

I remember calling myself out of this thing. My how things change. This week will probably change things up massively as well, so let's just get right into it! Two point week. Here is the link to the form, please use it


Ohio @ Ball State - Wenning torches the Bobcat secondary, and Ohio drops their 3rd game in their past 4 after looking like a possible BCS buster.

Toledo @ NIU - The Huskies have had 3 extra days to prepare for this game, and they haven't lost since Iowa. I mean, c'mon! Jordan Lynch! End of story.


Kent St @ BGSU - I really want to pick the Falcons, I do. But I think Dri Archer and Co. are really finding their stride and are the only team that can truly beat NIU. Close game, and probable MAC East Division Championship Game.

Miami @ CMU - Loser is eliminated from bowl contention, winner gets one more game to get to .500. I go with the Dysert monster to demolish the Chips and end Enos career right. Note, isn't it funny that Enos might get fired with 5 wins, the same as Cubit who may keep his job? Speaking of, that leads me to............

EMU @ Western Michigan - You're God Damned right I pick WMU! I have so much to say about this game, that I might actually do some work and get a post out. Carder, Cubit, TVT, seniors, Cubit's job. SO much. WMU wins the Michigan MAC Trophy or I post an audio clip on here of me asking Cubit if he feels his job is safe after this year. BANK ON IT. This season has been one huge headache and I'm glad it's over. Also, I'm SOOOOOOOO glad that the bye week is coming up so we can rest up for that big game in 9 months. *le sigh*

Buffalo @ UMass - Congrats on getting that win! You somehow avoided the MAC Cellar in your first year. WAIT WHAT?!?!?!?! I'm talking about UMass btw. Buffalo, you're lucky we didn't play TVT. I'm rambling. Buffalo easily.

High: NIU
Low: EMU (Please completely destroy the EMUs, or else)