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BlogPoll Week 11 Ballot - Oregon Is The New SEC

Oregon moves into No. 1 in our BlogPoll ballot for this week. Toledo drops but remains in our Top 25 as Northern Illinois and Kent State both move up.


For the first time all season, there are different teams in the No. 1 and No. 2 spots in my BlogPoll Top 25. Alabama's loss to Texas A&M will surely shake up everyone's ballots for this week. For me, they only drop to No. 4 behind the other three undefeated teams.

Even with Toledo's loss to Ball State on Tuesday night, I decided to keep the Rockets in there at No. 24. You may ask yourself why I didn't extend Ohio the same courtesy after its first loss. I just think Toledo's better, that's all. Both Northern Illinois and Kent State move up as well.

Some thoughts:

  • Welcome back into my BlogPoll Top 25, Texas. We've had some back-and-forth about your inclusion, but for the time being you've earned a spot. Can the Longhorns play spoiler to Kansas State's national title bid?
  • It's possible I have Georgia rated lower than everyone else. I stand by it. I haven't forgot about the thumping South Carolina handed you, Bulldogs.
  • Louisville, Oregon State and Toledo all remain in my top 25, so congratulations. I already had Louisville rated relatively low at No. 16 heading into last week's game, so their fall is not as precipitous.