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Ohio-Ball State: Everything happened in the second quarter

Did you miss the second quarter? You missed EVERYTHING. Mostly injuries, touchdowns, and reviews of reviews:

• Beau Blankenship rushed for two touchdowns
• Keith Wenning threw another touchdown, this time on an excellent screen to Willie Snead
• Ohio defensive linemen Neal Huynh and Carl Jones were carted off with injures ON THE SAME PLAY
• Ball State offensive lineman Jordan Hansel limped off the field with trainer assistance
Jamill Smith threw a pass and it almost killed Keith Wenning
Kelly Page ran for a touchdown

And then in the final 20 seconds:

Tyler Tettleton was sacked twice, but they only had one timeout...
• ... the field goal unit came bolting from the sidelines in an attempt to kick a field goal, but time apparently expired ...
• ... only for the referees to review the play. They ruled that Ohio did get the play off, but Ball State had 12 men on the field, so the Bobcats got one more shot at snapping the ball with one second left ...
• Then the referees reviewed the play AGAIN (further further review) and determined that the Cardinals didn't have enough time to match the substitutions, therefore the half was over.

Did the referees get that call right at the end? Apparently it was correctly ruled:

It makes sense and looks silly, but I'm inclined to believe this was ruled properly. Football is a game of rules, MANY rules, so I'm inclined to believe it.

Oh, and Ball State leads 24-21. Minor detail.