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Ball State-Ohio: Cardinals stay ahead 31-24, for now

A couple long plays, some more injuries strewn about, and that's your third quarter.

Kelly Page stayed in the game to replace Keith Wenning, officially listed as questionable, and threw for a touchdown to Zane Fakes, set up by a long Jahwan Edwards run, making it Page's first passing TD in a game in almost two years. Make fun of Twitter parodies all you want, but the ankle's got a point: this is Senior Night, and what a time for Page to say goodbye to the fans, some of whom remember him from the lean Stan Parrish years.

Ohio briefly took the lead on a loooong Beau Blankenship run on a nice cutback and 58-yard run. Blankenship has been getting most of the usage in the backfield, running it 20 times compared to Daz Patterson with just four touches.

But all is not great for Ball State either: Willie Snead got dinged up after a play, and we're not sure what the extent of that injury is. But it's Lemboball, and it's the fourth quarter, so this is going to turn out magical.