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Huskies Explode in the 3rd Quarter, take a 28-14 lead over Toledo

I'm going to go ahead and take credit for shaking the rust off the Huskies, as they put up 3 touchdowns to take a 28-14 lead over Toledo after the 3rd quarter.

Huskies tied it up right out of the gate when Jordan Lynch hit Martel Moore on a short pass, and Moore broke 3 tackles to take the ball 73 yards to paydirt. On Toledo's possession, the Rockets made passed midfield before Terrance Owens tossed his second pick of the game, this time by Rasheed Melvin. The Huskies marched the ball 99 yards, capping it off with a Lynch pass to Perez Ashford to take the 21-14 lead.

The Huskies drove down into Toledo's red zone again before Dan Molls came down with what would have been a momentum-shifting interception, returning the pick all the way to Northern's 34 yard line. Two plays later, however, Owens was intercepted again, this time by Tyrone Clark at the 3. Huskies marched that possession 97 yards, and Akeem Daniels capped it off with a 6 yard punch-in.

David Fluellen hurt his ankle early in the quarter, which hurts the Rockets running game, which is forcing Owens to go to the air, and that's clearly not working for him.