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MAC Pick'em Week 12 Results + Week 13

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Another week down, another wild week in the Pick'em

So I've had another busy week and have gotten things out late again. Nevertheless, here is the quick recap.

Josh G and OHBCats won last week with 14 points, extending their leads over myself to 6 and 5 points respectively in the overall. Still, this is far from over with a probable 6 bowl games heading the MAC's way.

Full breakdown is available on request.

3 point week this week. Here is the link to the form


Akron @ Toledo - Ah. At least I don't feel bad about being late. Seriously, this is an easy 2 points guys, or else it's a MAJOR upset. One of these teams has yet to win an FBS game and has lost to UMass. The other is Toledo.

BLACK FRIDAY - I heard WMU is having an "Everything Must Go" Sale heh heh.

Ohio @ #23 Kent State - That's BCS rankings for you. I'm going with Kent over a declining Bobcat team. Dri Bird all day.

Ball State @ Miami - Tough call. Can Page continue the magic? Can the Ball State defense contain Dysert? Why not?

NIU @ EMU - Congrats Eastern, you retained the Michigan MAC Trophy as a 2 win club and ousted a coach all in one. Mad props.

Buffalo vs BGSU (in Columbus, OH) - Bowling Green is the 2nd best team in the conference right now. There, I said it. In order: NIU, Kent St, BGSU, Ball State.

CMU @ UMass - WMU was supposed to be a MAC West contender. They beat CMU, and CMU still will probably get to .500. Yeah, looking back on things, Cubit HAD to go.

High: NIU
Low: Buffalo