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WMU Coaching Rumors: Could They Hire A MAC Coordinator?

MLive's David Drew has another list of possible replacements to Bill Cubit. It's still more speculation but I'm seeing a trend with the names: successful coordinators and FCS head coaches. I think they lean one of those ways.

The interesting name on the list, however, if Kent State offensive coordinator Brian Rock. He was an assistant at WMU for 13 years and also coached/graduated from/was born in Bowling Green. He's a MAC lifer.

Last year when Toledo hired Matt Campbell, it was perceived as a weak hire because he was the offensive coordinator of a MAC school, not a Big Ten or Big XII one. But Toledo's done well under Campbell, November swoon be damned, and this could dispel the notion that in this league, one needs to go to the Big Ten and back to assert themselves as a head coach.