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CMU Makes A Bowl If UConn, Pittsburgh, Georgia Tech Lose Next Week

Here's the cold math: after today there are three teams who still need a win to become bowl eligible, two of them being Big East teams who orchestrated surprising wins over ranked teams.

• Georgia Tech is 6-6, but has two FCS wins (think Eastern Michigan last year). They play 10-2 Florida State in the ACC Championship. This is entirely fascinating; it's either a BCS bowl or no bowl at all.

• UConn beat Louisville 23-20 in three overtimes, which sounds as atrocious as it looks. They still need to beat 8-3 Cincinnati to get to 6-6.

• Pittsburgh got the hard part done with a win against Rutgers, kind of sullying Kent State's feat, but now the Panthers just need a win at 3-8 South Florida to draw to 6-6.

A Pitt win seems the likeliest of the three, but if any one of those teams wins, we have 71 eligible, and CMU's likely the odd one out.