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MAC Pick'em Championship Edition

We have reached the end of the season, but that doesn't mean we are over. Now we enter the money games, starting with the MAC Championship

That was a fun 13 weeks eh? Now it is time to earn your stripes, with the championship and bowl games. These games are worth 5-10 points each, so anything can happen with 5-7, or even 8 games to be played.

However, we must first look back at last week and update the standings.

The FIVE-WAY winners were: Brown and Gold, Josh G, OHBCats, ChippewaBlue, and numbersdontlie. Perfect 17 points!

Here's the breakdown after the regular season. Only people that can actually win (down by less than 50 pts) are included........



Josh G 175
OHBCats 174
Brown and Gold 170
ChippewaBlue 166
bull_trojan 157
td3 155
Matt Sussman 145
numbersdontlie 142
Brandon Hickey 135

So tight up top! And now for the game of the week, the big 10 point game!

#21 Northern Illinois vs #17 Kent State

The big one! Winner has a good chance at getting a BCS bid. Loser most likely gets the Little Caesar's Pizza Bowl. Kent State hasn't been this far in what seems like forever. NIU will look to defend their MAC Title. Dri Archer vs Jordan Lynch. DOES IT GET MUCH BETTER?!?!

Kent State has a good defense, and should shut down NIU fairly well, but the NIU defense is underrated in my opinion, and I think the key will be how well Spencer Keith can play. If he can make throws and open up the running game for Archer and Durham, then Kent State wins. If not, Lynch will eventually break free for a bit and NIU will be able to retain the title.

My pick? You'll have to wait little birdies! I'll pick closer to the game.

Note: There is no "discussion" points this week, there is no form, but you MUST submit a final score. Total points in the MACC is one of the tiebreakers.

Good luck everyone!