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Jordan Lynch sets single-season QB rushing record

Move over, Denard Robinson.

Jordan Lynch just keeps setting records
Jordan Lynch just keeps setting records

It couldn't have come on a better play. He needed less than a foot to continue the drive on first down and Jordan Lynch turned out to gain 44 yards — a run stuffed with zigs, zags, and drags.

That put Lynch ahead of Denard Robinson for rushing most yards by a quarterback in FBS history. Denard previously had 1,702 yards in 2010. Lynch's fourth down run and subsequent touchdown scamper put him at 1,727 yards.

And barring a 17-yard loss for the remainder of the game (probably not happening), this is Lynch's 11th straight game with 100+ yards passing and 100+ yards rushing. Just an incredible streak, one that hasn't happened before but could possibly happen again with the advent of all these impressive dual-threat quarterbacks. But for now, Lynch is showing everyone why he — if justice exists — is a top five Heisman Trophy finalist.

Denard, meanwhile, still holds the record for most rushing yards by a quarterback with untied shoelaces.