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'Bama, Oregon Retain Top Spots in Hustle Belt BlogPoll Top 25

Three MAC teams - Toledo, Northern Illinois and Kent State - all move up.

Crystal Logiudice-US PRESSWIRE

There was very little movement in my BlogPoll Top 25 this week. In fact, the top 14 places stayed the same for me, even with LSU losing to Alabama and USC falling to Oregon. There's no shame in losing to the best team in the nation on a screen pass in the final minute of the game, or getting stuck in a shootout with the vaunted Ducks offense. I like USC over Texas A&M. No feelings will be hurt if you tell me I'm full of crap in the comments below.

All three MAC teams in my top 25 - Toledo, Northern Illinois and Kent State - all moved up one or two spots this week. More after the jump.

Some thoughts:

  • After watching Notre Dame's game last week, I feel less concerned about leaving them at No. 4 behind Alabama, Oregon and Kansas State. I've watched nearly every snap this season for both Oregon and Notre Dame and I haven't seen anything yet that makes me believe the Irish should be ranked ahead of them.
  • I would say that my largest omission from this list is Texas - but man, they've played some terrible games. It's hard for me to believe they should be in the top 25 even though they did beat Texas Tech last week. I may be at fault here for only dropping the Red Raiders two spots. I've made a mental note in my head to revisit the Red Raiders next week and maybe add Texas, Northwestern, Ohio or someone else into the mix.
  • UCLA is back in the good graces after curb-stomping Arizona last week. Very impressive win.
  • Toledo and Northern Illinois move up one spot to 19th and 20, respectively, while Kent State jumps two spots to No. 22.