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Ball State takes 14-7 lead over Toledo, early projections report

Do you like points? Is 21 points enough? Don't worry, there's more where that came from.

So far Ball State has the upper hand. They jumped to a 14-0 lead thanks to their passing game. Keith Wenning has thrown two touchdown passes to Jamill Smith and Connor Ryan and is 12-for-15 for 135 yards. Toledo responded with a Terrance Owens strike to Bernard Reedy, a great receiver nobody wanted to guard. David Fluellen has given 'em yards on the ground, 76 total on eight carries. He had a TD wiped away by an obvious holding call but it eventually led to the Reedy touchdown. So all is well.

Ball State tight end David Schneider was carted off the field with an apparent leg injury that was so terrible that ESPN2 said they weren't going to show it. So ... I'm not interested at all. Yep, just hope he recovers. Yep.

Join us in the Toledo-Ball State gamethread.