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Halftime: Ball State vs. Toledo is too close to call

The Cardinals and Rockets are tied 17-17 at the half. The uniforms are red and blue. METAPHORISMS.

And is David Fluellen going to ream his blockers or what? A second great run was negated due to an offensive penalty, resulting in a field goal instead by Jeremiah Detmer. Fluellen also didn't help his cause thanks to a fumble on a spin move which was brought back by Tony Martin for 54 yards (popped out by Jason Pinkston), resulting in Steven Schott (now a Groza Award semifinalist!) kicking a field goal.

Fluellen redeemed himself with some tough runs, with Cassius McDowell punching in the score with a minute to go. A Keith Wenning pass that was tipped and sailed into the craw of Cheatham Norrils ended the dream to go back ahead.

As the dust settled, Fluellen finished the half with a laborious 20 carries for 152 yards. Do you guys remember Adonis Thomas? I sure as heckfire don't.

Join us in the Ball State-Toledo gamethread.