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BGSU takes 19-7 lead after good defense, disastrous Ohio punting

And there's that crushing Falcons defense we've been reading about in our textbooks. The Bobcats accrued just 21 yards on 17 plays, including field position lost on a botched punt (although Grant Venham was able to turn that into positive yards somehow!) and Matt Weller, who was back to punt, missed the snap and that resulted in a safety.

On the BGSU side, Anthon Samuel brought half of Athens with him into the end zone for one score, Matt Schilz executed a glorious play-fake to the extremely-vacant Chris Gallon for a 55-yard touchdown, and then that one safety play. They had a decent chance at a Hail Mary pass that fell incomplete, but that's the kind of quarter it's been for the Bobcats.

Anthon Samuel has 76 yards on 11 carries and if the Falcons want to win this game, they need him to move the chains and drain time.