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BGSU stays ahead 19-14 after three quarters, Ohio still can't punt

So, about the punting ... yeah, they're still working on it. Ohio had another punt blocked and also muffed a punt return, but that latter gaffe set up a 95-yard touchdown drive that really swung the momentum. So there's a silver lining in everything. Maybe they should just score ALL their touchdowns from 90 yards out rather than punting! Yeah, that's the ticket!

Also with Tyler Tettleton's pass to Chase Cochran, he became the all-time passing yards leader in Bobcats history. Again, he's just taking the Ohio passing record book and throwin' "TT" all over it.

Anthon Samuel has 124 yards on 19 carries and Beau Blankenship is also creeping up on 100 yards. He's got 18 carries for 97 yards.