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BGSU defense does its job again with 26-14 win at Ohio

What did I tell ya? The defense! I was right about something! They held the Bobcats to just 14 points, more than 20 points below their MAC offensive average, and other than those two impressive drives — and their last-gasp one — the Bobcats were fully neutralized. The Falcons defense accounted for four sacks, including a backbreaker by Aaron Foster to set up a hopeless 4th and 19 play, which fell well short of the first down.

Anthon Samuel salted the game away with a touchdown to start the fourth quarter and also had a nifty cutback to seal the game at the end. He had 181 yards on 29 carries. Matt Schilz wasn't very effective passing, but he did have two terrific ball fakes in the game, one which set up a 55-yard touchdown and one, a fake handoff to Samuel, he kept for a first down run.

The MAC East suddenly becomes decided next Saturday in Bowling Green when Kent State visits town. This is what we all saw, correct?

As for Ohio, three games in 12 days finally caught up to them and they fall to 8-2. A trip to Ball State in seven days awaits them. Yay?