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Akron's Nick Harney, Demetrius Treadwell To Miss Three Games

And a "clerical error" involving their amateur certification is to blame.



Via the ABJ, the Zips have announced that both Nick Harney and Demetrius Treadwell, both of whom are 6'7" juniors, cannot play tonight against Coastal Carolina, the next game against John Carroll or the opener in Puerto Rico against Oklahoma State. The reason? They weren't certified as amateur players. They're totally eligible but this "clerical error," which is probably boring and minute, is keeping them off the court because rules are rules.

Harney's loss will be sorely felt. He averaged 17.5 points per game in two exhibition contests off the bench and Treadwell started both of those games as well. With the graduation of Nik Cvetinovic, both of them were going to get some extra minutes. Now they need to be replaced for a few contests.

And before you ask, yes I've heard this happen before. Last year two BGSU football players weren't certified and had to miss a game. Then they were reinstated the following week. If it's similar to that, then hopefully the absence won't be prolonged.