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Why Are You A Loyal Fan Of The Mid-American Conference?

Tell us in the comments below why you're loyal to your favorite MAC team and you could win a trip to any college football game this year, courtesy of Hyundai.

Mark A. Cunningham

I'm a fan of the MAC, obviously, because I chose to go to Bowling Green instead of Ohio State or Xavier or Case Western for undergraduate studies. But I could've gone to BGSU and chose to root for some bigger school. I didn't. This entire site is living proof why I am a fan of not only BGSU sports but MAC athletics and their standing in the world of college sports. They compete against ANYBODY, with smaller budgets and smaller humans, and as a result the payoff is that much sweeter after a victory. I'm hoping you feel the same way too, or maybe you think I'm terribly off base and have your own reason for reading this site.

That's where you come in. Hyundai's "Fanthropology" initiative is looking for zealous and dedicated college football fans, and have come to SB Nation to find them. Pretty decent starting point, I'd say.

Here's the deal: leave a comment below and explain why through all these years you remain loyal to your favorite MAC school, or to MAC sports in general. Make it as short or as long as you want. Be serious or be funny. Like a BGSU professor once told us: keep writing until you're finished.

The best comment will be selected (by me) as a finalist. If you're picked, you and I will have a chat about college football and really get into our fandom. We'll publish it on Hustle Belt. You will then be considered by a panel of judges with the other finalists from SB Nation blogs. One winner will receive two tickets to any college football game (including bowls) of his or her choice. Yes, that includes tickets, airfare and hotel.

The game you pick doesn't have to be a MAC game or MAC bowl game — although it'd be a nifty selection. But if you want to attend the BCS National Championship Game, you may do that too! (No hard feelings.)

Again, just leave one comment below and tell us why you're so passionate about the MAC, or about your favorite MAC team. The contest ends Monday at midnight ET, at which time I'll pick a winner.

NOTE: If you have already participated in this on another SBN site, you cannot register again. We will find you and wag our finger at you. Likewise, if you participate at Hustle Belt, you cannot register for this contest elsewhere. If for some reason you comment more than once, make it clear which comment is your entry.

By commenting below, you are subject to and accept the terms and conditions of the Hyundai Fanthropology Sweepstakes.