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Miami (OH) opens the season with a 97-59 loss to NC State

The first game after Charlie Coles' retirement is a sizable loss to a top 10 team. Some things never change.

Yikes. Just 29 percent shooting is not going to win many games; especially against a team like NC State, ranked sixth preseason. And DEFINITELY not when they shoot 63 percent from the field.

Allen Roberts led the RedHawks with 16 points on 13 shots. Drew McGhee was the most efficient man in red, scoring nine points on eight shots and hauling in six rebounds, three on the offensive side. Actually Miami rebounded rather well at a 30.6 percent rate, compared to NC State's 18.2 percent. So there's your positive.

A tough game for John Cooper's debut — definitely not one he likely picked when he showed up — but getting pummeled by a strong nonconference foe seems to be Miami's modus operandi for the last few seasons, so consider that your transition from the Charlie Coles era to the Cooper regime.