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Doeren Takes NCSU Coaching Job: NIU Fans Focused On Canine Semantics

Only hours after winning his second consecutive MAC Championship, Northern Illinois head coach Dave Doeren has been plucked away by NC State to replace Tom O'Brien

Dave Reginek

ESPN's Andrea Adelson is reporting that Northern Illinois head coach Dave Doeren, as is the trend in our lovely conference, has been hired away from the Huskies to travel southeast and become the newest head coach of the MC State Wolfpack.

This makes things interesting, since it has also been announced that he will head there post-haste, and will therefore not be coaching the Huskies in their bowl game, even if they sneak their way into a BCS bid. That may or may not play a role in the voting for the final BCS standings, since someone like the Orange Bowl may be less interested in having NIU attend if Doeren, the guy that got them where they are, isn't available as part of the package.

I think it's a little lame that he isn't hanging around for the bowl game, and the new job he is taking isn't really a promotion, but I suppose it's his decision to make.