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2013 Orange Bowl: NIU vs. Florida State, The Moneyball Matchup

This BCS game is being billed as the haves against the doesn't-have-as-much. A lame-duck playoff system is letting in the 12-1 MAC champions into their five-bowl parade. Florida State is one of the richest programs in the country. Northern Illinois is not. It's a disparity that would make Billy Beane blush. Do you like pictures? We have pictures.

Ronald Martinez

This would explain why both NIU head coach Dave Doeren left for North Carolina State — to coach a team with more money at their disposal. Likewise, Florida State also lost a key person on their staff: defensive coordinator Mark Stoops, who will coach at Kentucky next season. And wouldn't you know it: Stoops' contract was almost one-third more than Doeren's.

Ah, but this is me explaining the difference using words. I promised you pictures. I'll shut up.


Yes, you can almost squeeze four NIU budgets into one Florida State budget. By comparison: