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Ex-Linebacker Noah Keller Charged With Trashing A Baseball Field

Formerly the cornerstone of the Ohio Bobcats defense, the former All-MAC and one-time St. Louis Rams linebacker apparently caused some ruckus in his hometown of Kearney, Nebraska, when he and two other gentlemen reportedly broke into the local ballpark and drove around the bases.

Mark A. Cunningham

The Kearney Hub has the hilarious details. A brief summation:

• Late one night (late enough to be "the early hours") of November 1, Keller and two buddies left a bar in a pickup truck, drove to Memorial Stadium, a park which holds both college and American Legion teams, did "cookies" in the parking lot and tried to drive into the stadium by ramming into the gate.

• That didn't work other than to dent up their truck. So they went to Walmart to buy bolt cutters. Those did work.

• They then proceeded to drive around the bases in their pickup truck and spun some "cookies" in the infield and outfield.


• They were pretty easy to find once they located dents on the truck, paint on the gate which matched the truck, and bits of artificial turf on the truck.

• They did $91,000 worth of damage to the stadium, and Keller has already turned himself in.

• In Nebraska, they call donuts "cookies."

For what it's worth ... I am adamantly against baseball fields who mix between natural and fake grass. I once saw a minor league game in Edmonton, Canada where it looks like they weren't even trying. But there are other ways to speak out against them, such as starting a blog.

(h/t @jasonamessenger)