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Akron's New Offensive Coordinator Is 26 Years Old

The second-youngest offensive coordinator in the Bowl Subdivision is now A.J. Milwee, who played quarterback for Terry Bowden at North Alabama.


While seven MAC teams are preparing for bowl games, 1-11 Akron is trying to cobble together their coaching staff and in all fairness their passing game was good enough last year that I bet a couple of those bowl teams wouldn't mind having their passing game.

They relied heavily on moving the ball through the air and finished 17th in passing yards per game (a number inflated by virtue of being behind in several games) and accounted for 30 touchdowns via the throw. Dalton Williams did everything asked of him as a fifth-year transfer and Kyle Pohl has a bright future running the Zips offense.

But A.J. Milwee, last year's Zips quarterbacks coach, will be stepping into the OC role, younger than everybody except Utah's. Bowden himself acted in that role last season. He's 26. You're probably older than 26. Why aren't you Akron's offensive coordinator? What have you done with your life? Did you waste it writing a blog? I warned you about those.

2012 may have been a letdown for Akron football in terms of wins and losses, but we always knew the second and third years would be the ones that mattered most under Bowden in Akron. And now they have a young spry strategist calling the plays. (For a reference point, the young Matt Campbell was 29 when named Toledo's OC.)