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Gamethread: I got a bad feeling about this

I am not a very large fan of using Vegas odds to determine outcomes in bowl games, but I can read the tea leaves when all seven MAC teams playing in bowl games are listed as underdogs. The conference could very well go 0-7 in postseason, which would be a sour ending to the most improbably magical season in MAC football history.

Would that change our perspective of this conference's depth and strength? Or can we attribute it to a random chance of completely unfathomable matchups that turned out to go against the MAC in every aspect? After all, a ranked WAC champion is playing perhaps the MAC's third or fourth best team, for starters.

But I suppose we're about to find out just how they're going to play against everybody else, starting with this game in Boise. Even this breadstick-loving BGSU man is saying: Go Rockets.