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13-7 Aggies after 3: INT snaps Toledo Momentum

The Rockets finally looked to be moving the ball midway through the 3rd quarter, and managed to find themselves 1st and 10 at the Aggies 15, but when Austin Dantin targed Alonzo Russel in the endzone, Kyler Fackrell instead picked it off at the 10 yard line to deny the Rockets any points. Also of note, Toledo is starting to get penalty-happy again (I'm starting to think they're allergic to ESPN camera crews); some untimely Delay of Game penalties have turned 3rd and mediums into 3rd and longs.

So far, the only scoring has been another Diaz field goal on the opening drive of the half. It's been a tough game to watch, but if there's one thing Toledo taught me in the Cincinnati game, it's that any facet of the game can spark this team. And as they start the 4th quarter, an injured Terrance Owens has stepped in to try to provide that spark.